Food Allergy Treatment

Monumental Moments Made Here

While dining out, enjoying a donut, or attending a birthday party may seem mundane to most, to those with food allergies, these are Monumental Moments.

At Food Allergy Institute, our patients experience their own Monumental Moments every day through our revolutionary Tolerance Induction Program.

Our safe and effective food allergy treatment allows children and young adults to achieve Food Freedom and experience life without restrictions.

Remission is Possible

Goodbye Food Allergies. Hello Food Freedom.

The Food Allergy Institute's Tolerance Induction Program™ (TIP) has helped 8,000 patients overcome their food allergies, allowing them to eat what they want without fear. With reaction rates lower than 1%, you'll find TIP is the solution you've been looking for.
Severe Food Allergies We Treat:
  • Peanut
  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Sesame
  • Shellfish
  • Gluten
  • Casein
  • Oral Allergy Syndrome

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Why Families Prefer

The Food Allergy Institute

99% Success Rate (Patients achieve remission upon completion of TIP)

Less than 1% Adverse reaction rate*
Patients never begin by introducing their allergens

We accept even the most complicated allergy cases

Patient Success Platform + 24/7 on-call service
1 – 2 maintenance clinic visits once reaching remission every year
*Adverse events classified as the use of an epinephrine pen.

How TIP Works

TIP is the first remission-inducing treatment for food anaphylaxis. It begins with each patient’s unique data and is tailored to their needs.
Using individualized treatment plans and biosimilar food proteins, we help patients build tolerance before they ever introduce their anaphylactic allergens.

Even with pre-existing conditions or having more than one food allergy, TIP can help.

Data-Focused Lab Analysis
Personalized Treatment Plan
Tolerance Development
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Overcome Your Food Allergies

The Path to Food Freedom Is Simple:

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Food Freedom: Eat Whatever, Whenever


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What Patients Family Are saying

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"Celebrate each little win in your journey and remember to appreciate how far you've come."

Mother of Current TIP Patient



"all the work is worth it for a lifetime of Food freedom."


Mother of Current TIP Patients



"Graduating from the program and celebrating—It is all worth it!"


Mother of Current TIP Patients

Meet Dr. Inderpal Randhawa

Dr. Inderpal Randhawa is a leading clinical academic scientist with five board certifications in transplant immunology, allergy, pulmonology, pediatrics, and internal medicine. Early in his career, Dr. Randhawa began to question conventional protocols for the treatment of life-threatening food allergies.

 Distressed by watching parents suffer the loss of a child to fatal allergic reactions, he proposed to find groundbreaking solutions and change the status quo. His early experience in lung transplant immunology coupled with his collaboration with national allergy and immunology specialists, led him to develop the safe, targeted solutions now offered through the Food Allergy Institute (FAI).

Top Allergist in LA according to
Spokin's 100 Top Rated list 

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